Maximum Resolution: 1920×1080
Screening formats: BluRay, DVD, DCP, mov/avi
Running time: 18:47 min
Audio: 5.1 Surround / Stereo


Etiuda & Anima 2012-11 Krakow (Poland)
Animac 2013-02 Lleida (Spain)
Tricky Women 2013-04 Vienna (Austria)
Future Film Festival 2013-04 Bologna (Italy)
RIFF Rome Independent Film Festival 2013-04 Rome (Italy)
SFF-rated Athens 2013-03 Athens (Greece)
Filmfest Düsseldorf 2012-11 Düsseldorf (Germany)
Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival 2013-09 Bristol (United Kingdom)
Stoptrik IFF 2013 2013-09 Maribor (Slovenia)
Stoptrik IFF 2013 2013-10 Niepołomice (Poland)
Festival Court-MétrangeFestival
2013-10 Rennes (France)
San Sebastian HFFF 2013-10 San Sebastian (Spain)
FILMETS Badalona 2013-11 Barcelona (Spain)
InTe FESTIVAL ROMA 2014-07 Rome (Italy)
OPEN EYES FILMFEST 2014-07 Marburg (Germany)
FILE ANIMA+ 2014-08 Rio (Brazil)
Uni Shorts Film Festival 2014-09 Auckland (New Zealand)
10. GROSSMANN FILMFESTIVAL 2014-07 Ljutomer (Slovenia)
AIFF – Ariano International Film Festival 2014-07 Ariano (Italy)
Lund International Fantastic Film Festival 2014-09 Lund (Sweden)
Tisza Mozi Film Festival – International Film Fest 2014-10 Szolnok (Hungary)
Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival 2014-09 Montreal (Canada)
Les Intergalactiques 2014-10 Lyon (France)
Atlanta Buried Alive Festival 2014-11 Atlanta (United States)
KUGOMA 2015-02 Maputo (Mozambique)
Streaming Festival – for audio and visual art 2014-12 The Hague (Netherlands)
Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival 2015-11 Montreal (Canada)
Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival 2015-10 Richland, WA (United States)
Sasquan International Film Festival 2015-08 Spokane, WA (United States)
XI FANTASPOA 2015-05 Porto Alegre (Brazil)



The end of evolution awaits in a wasteland dominated by bizarre trash formations, dust and rock. From the scattered remains of a long forgotten culture an electric ecosystem rapidly evolves into the ultimate form of existence…

The mechanical life form Ohm inhabits a bleak and devastated planet. The thousands of mechanical creatures of this world share a single cycle of energy. In this cycle, Ohm is a rogue element. His nature is to devour and absorb others.

One day a gargantuan foreign object appears in the skies. Drawn in by mysterious creatures of light, the Ohm tracks them across the planet, changing the known order of matter, time and space.

Directed by Eva Franz and Andy Goralczyk this extraordinary animated short film fuses high-end CGI and photographic images, miniature sets and traditional stop-motion puppet animation.